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Version 1.3.1 (September 10th, 2015) Version 1.3.2 (October 31st, 2015) Version 1.4 (May 7th, 2016)



  • Increased Yellow DFA's BP drain by 50%.
  • Sabers: Non-crouching backslashes and speed lunges no longer stagger thus making them finishing moves rather than spammable moves. BP drain increased accordingly.
  • Updates for continued compatibility with jaMME.

Bug Fixes

  • Implemented workaround for bug where map scripts dependent on variables eventually stopped working on rotation servers.
  • Default com_affinity is now 1 instead of 0 (reverted change).
  • Duel Mode now does not show anyone in the radar unless you are using Force Sense.
  • Duel Mode Force Sense 3 now correctly highlights all other players as red (enemies).
  • Cannot use Force Speed, Mind Trick nor Force Heal while staggered, whether saber is turned on or off.
  • Taunts no longer impede blocking saber attacks nor blaster fire in any way.
  • JAMP client no longer crashes when creating local server and r_mode is set to -1 (widescreen).


  • Added pumpkin hats under new seasonal hats system. Festive hats will automatically become available for display on models during certain times of the year (toggle visibility in visual options).
  • Added Kylo Ren lightsaber hilt with custom visual effects (no gameplay impact).


  • Added option to toggle seasonal hats under the Visuals menu (cg_scrooge in console).
  • SMOD removeban command permission is no longer tied to SMOD ban. Add 4096 to SMOD permissions to allow use of removeban. New chat and voice chat icons.



  • Added new crate model from unreleased Hoth map
  • Improved clipping for models in cargo room.


  • Fixed minimap coordinates.


  • Fixed gap in castle floor.