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Version 1.3 (August 7th, 2015) Version 1.3.1 (September 10th, 2015) Version 1.3.2 (October 31st, 2015)



  • Forcefield behind ship is no longer reflective
  • Added high ground to rebel spawn. Accessible to any class.
  • Vents can now be entered from rebel spawn side by any class*

*only classes that don't fit vents cannot access it - Droideka, SBD, Wookiee


  • Round time changed from 5 to 3 minutes
  • Added doors (not locked) to rebel spawn
  • After hacking control room, imperial respawn classes respawn at control room
  • Added global sound for when imperials manage to breach security to raise awareness
  • Added some misc brushes
  • Removed several boxes
  • Replaced some boxes with models
  • Overall optimization revamp
  • Hologram in control room changes when security is breached
  • Entities clean-up
  • Timer on bomb is now set to 35 seconds (+10)
  • Added beep sounds to signalize last 10 seconds to detonation


  • New routes added.
  • Lowered all bomb arm times (3s -> 2.5s)
  • Lowered all bomb disarm times (6s -> 5s)
  • Moved main objective room between both teams.
  • Removed door objective requirement into the objective (now always accessible)
  • Expanded side doorway into objective room.
  • Secondary objective is now outside on the landing pad and grants access to minor additional routes into the Science Lab.
  • Added door status indicators to several doors to denote objective, locked doors, and doors unlocked via secondary objective.
  • Fixed some broken hint brushes
  • Updated Objective map, minimap, siege file