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Version 1.2.2 (May 2nd, 2015) Version 1.3.0 (August 7th, 2015) Version 1.3.1 (September 10th, 2015)



  • 'wait' command is blocked.
  • FA files for Droideka shield should now reference MB_ATT_DEKA_SHIELD instead of MB_ATT_HULL_STRENGTH.
  • Remote seeker can now be used again in FA.
  • Force Speed Activation now costs 25 FP for all levels.
  • Force Sense Level 1 and Level 2 now have a duration of 2 seconds and 4 seconds respectively. Activation cost of sense 1 reduced to 20 FP again.
  • Ragequit command no longer requires quotation marks around the exit message.
  • Body hit multipliers have been changed, with the chest,back,arms and hands having a 1.3* multiplier.
  • Weapon speeds have been increased, with a few exceptions such as Droideka. Rapid fire modes will generally travel slower than the slow fire modes (for example E-11 primary weapon speed is faster than secondary).
  • Poison will no longer distort your vision.

Bug Fixes

  • Sonic grenades will no longer bug doors.
  • Fixed Performing special melee moves after saber throw showing the cool-down but not performing moves.
  • All melee moves and offensive abilities activated through Special 1 & 2 now deactivate spawn protection.
  • Hopefully fixed issue where killing NPCs (notably in Jedi Temple) could result in teleporting etc.
  • Fixed an issue where being hit by a saber swing while staggering would cancel the stagger and allow to perform a counter.
  • Fixed issue with fury not building up on the first hit.
  • showmotd will now draw new lines correctly.


  • Reduced AP multipliers for speed lunge, fast spinning back attacks and blue lunge; increased AP multipliers for stabbing back attacks.
  • Reduced Purple style's AP multiplier and Cyan style's BP multiplier slightly.
  • Cyan saber style no longer benefits from FP regeneration while jumping, although still while doing wall-acrobatics.
  • Green saber style no longer benefits from reduced FP drains for deflecting blaster fire.
  • Purple saber style has had its lunge removed, and replaced with the Red saber style kata, which chains 3 hits.
  • Purple can now chain 3 attacks.

Force Grip

  • Added simple visual notification when someone is attempting to grip you.
  • Grip level 2 and 3 have slightly increased lock time.
  • Higher grip level takes longer to lose the lock on someone.
  • Grip level 2 damage increased slightly.

Force Mindtrick

  • Mindtrick's costs are now 8/4/8 instead of 4/6/10.
  • Range is unlimited.
  • Level 1 costs 50FP, Level 2 and 3 cost 30FP.
  • Level 1 has a duration of 2.5s, Level 2 has a duration of 2.5 seconds, and Level 3 has a duration of 4 seconds.
  • Being damaged by anything while mindtricking will reveal you to every enemy for 0.5seconds. (This now gives poison darts and flame an additional use).

ARC Trooper

  • Westar M5: Walk accuracy for level 1. Level 2 is always accurate. Sniper shots are accurate when running with Dexterity 3.
  • Running regeneration is now included for all stamina levels.
  • Dexterity Level 2 grants side-roll get ups and Level 3 grants forward and backward jump getups.
  • Rolling out of push/pull with Dexterity Level 3 has been removed for normal pushes and pulls in favor of the new getups. Rolling out of push still exists for 360 and lightning push. Lightning push/repulse/super push only knocks down if the arc is in the air.
  • Can fire when in getups.


  • EE-3 snipe ammo drain reduced so you can now double snipe.
  • Cooldown between snipes is 900ms.


  • Strength 2 Wookiees can be pushed and pulled back, but not knocked over.
  • Wookiees with Fury 2 do not lose Fury with time.
  • Strength 3 Wookiees can now shoot again while lightninged.



  • Wookiees no longer collide with detention lift doors when exiting.


  • Side/secondary door hack points have been moved to consoles near Generator room entry and now require 4 seconds of use time.
  • Generator Pit console has been moved to the former position of the secondary door console and no longer reduces the hack time for the primary objective.
  • The left corridor lower door now opens for defenders even when locked.
  • The right corridor upper door is now open to both teams at all times.
  • Balcony window is now breakable by defenders. Spawn move is now triggered by attackers moving through the window.
  • Balcony door is locked to both teams until secondary doors are opened.


  • Redesigned layout of Imperial landing site, Wampa cave, and base entry for reduced travel time.
  • Complete visual overhaul of Imperial landing site and Wampa cave.
  • Added new route from Wampa cave to main.
  • Added new route from secondary storage to the backway.
  • Moved initial spawns and adjusted spawn movement triggers to better suit new layout.
  • Improved interior lighting and textures.
  • Many miscellaneous visual fixes and improvements.


  • Changes to models/skins (verbose list):
    • Jedi
      • Added Ahsoka Tano, Endor Luke Skywalker, Naat Reath, and Starkiller.
      • Removed Eeth Koth, AotC Obi-Wan robed, RotS Obi-Wan robed, Old Ben robed, RotJ Luke caped, and Quinlan Vos robed.
    • Sith
      • Added Darth Malgus, Darth Revan, General Grievous, Sith Stalker, and Reborn Acrobat.
      • Taspir Alora and Darth Maul robed. Modified robed RotS Anakin to look more evil.
    • ARC Trooper: Overhauled models using assets from the H.B. pack and added Delta Squad.
    • Clonetrooper: Overhauled models using assets from the H.B. pack.
    • Bounty Hunter: Added Gamorrean model.
    • Hero: Removed AotC Padme caped.
    • Elite Trooper (hero)
      • Added Desert Rebel Commando.
      • Removed Hoth Elite.
    • Commander (villain): Added episode 7 Stormtrooper commander.
    • Soldier (hero): Improved all Rebel skins using JK:JG assets.
    • Soldier (villain): Added episode 7 Stormtrooper.
  • Added Ahsoka Tano's saber hilt.
  • Replaced Darth Maul's saber hilt with lower poly version. This prevents a client crash with certain new models.
  • Dozens of character sound improvements and fixes, many of which were merged from the H.B. pack.
  • Fixed open mode weapon replacements for some models (e.g. Rebel pilot) which were broken by changes in v1.1.
  • Changed JO Reborn model.glm to JA version (superior skeleton/weighting).
  • Improved orientation of secondary pistol model for most ARCs.
  • Improved performance by merging many duplicate models used in open mode. Total GLM count is -9 even after addition of new models (a big thank you to Tomi/The Unguided for their assistance making this possible).

Full Authentic (Official/CMP/uM)

  • Maintenance changes (updated model paths, updated Droideka attributes to match code, and many miscellaneous fixes).


  • Can play demos from any JaMME version.