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Version 1.2 (February 14th, 2015) Version 1.2.1 (March 15th, 2015) Version 1.2.2 (May 2nd, 2015)



  • /smod who now shows the admin's ID.

Bug fixes

  • Cloak no longer recharges to full immediately after finished using.
  • Fixed issue with missing crosshair when using Advanced Targeting.
  • Fixed player's scoped weapon not closing when hit by a sonic grenade or while being electrocuted.
  • Prevented disruptor ammo indicator from displaying on other zoomed weapons.
  • Fixed Jedi Mind trick turning off lightsaber even if no enemies were mind tricked.
  • Fixed issue with droideka resulting in many issues such as people sticking together/falling out of the map.


  • Removed default 20% Damage Reduction. Red and blocking DR still applies.
  • Force Block's immunity levels based on amount of FP changed from 95/80/50 to 90/70/50.


  • Cyan style now only drains BP on parries with the first swings of its combos.
  • MBlock disarm once again requires movement+PB to perform; Staff style only requires movement.
  • Fix for special moves hitting more than once when already cancelled enough times by normal swings.

Duel Mode

  • Reverted number of lives back to 6.
  • Reverted match times to 5 minutes.

Gfx & UI

  • Fixed issue with ratio fix resulting in BP / Jetpack bar being misaligned.
  • Fixed rally lines drawn on radar when using the ratio fix.
  • Optimized size of many HUD textures for better performance.


  • Fixed control panel shader on Darth Vader.
  • Fixed RGB issue on Zabrak Female ET when viewed without detailed shaders.



  • Fixed VIS issue when facing in the direction of the carbon chamber door from the eastern commons.


  • Addressed FA balance issue caused by 1.2's pistol changes.
  • Clipped off upper area of building at attacker's spawn.


  • Fixed lack of ceiling clipping.
  • Fixed minor visual problem.


  • Improved lighting and optimization.
  • Some visual fixes and improvements.
  • Corrected spelling of existing target_locations and added locations to side route.
  • Added locked door to the command center. Hacking it takes 1 second for humanoids, 6 seconds for droidekas.
  • Small metal floor plates no longer clip.
  • All destructible objects now have health indicators to aid players unfamiliar with the map.
  • When 12 or more players are in-game, the Falcon engine's HP increases by 50%.


  • Class limited Sith Grenadier on FA.

Community Map Pack

  • Fixed syntax error in hotel.shader.