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Version 0.1.7 (October 20th, 2012) Version (November 25th, 2012) Version 0.1.8 (November 30th, 2012)



  • Voice commands have been removed from the gamestate string. This should go someway to reduce the MAX_GAMESTATE crash. 
    Please note: this is not a full fix for the issue and it will still occur. This should go someway to reduce the frequency of this problem however there is no way for us to know how effective this fix is.


  • Fixed an exploit which allowed players to respawn at will.

Special thanks go to joulupaska and handix for the information which allowed us to fix the respawn exploit. The MB2 Team, and community, owe you guys one.

Special thanks also goes to Didz, once again, for providing technical consultation in producing a fix.