• Only the command /model is blocked, not any command containing the string "model"
  • Fixed a few more rare crashes


  • Animations are smoother when firing in first person view.


  • Fixed a bug where all countdown timers could be turned off. Now only some can be toggled
  • Fixed a bug where Wookiees could get Fury from NPCs
  • Fixed a bug which allowed Droideka to insta-deploy
  • Fixed a bug which depleted Droideka's shield points when holding special button 1 while unrolling or walking


  • Angle in which Heroes and Commanders can dodge has been reduced from around 170 degrees to around 80 degrees
  • Leg shots can no longer be dodged by Heroes and Commanders
  • Jedi can now dodge Projectile shots as well as Disruptor shots when using Sense 3


  • Improved lightsaber hit detection.
  • Increased BP regeneration speed.
  • BP drain has been increased from all attacks.
  • Adjusted Blue and Red Blocking Power
  • Special moves now drain more BP
  • Damage reduction from swingblock has been removed
  • Swingblock now behaves like having Q3 during attacks.
  • Body hits and counter-strikes now cause a stagger animation during duels
    • Stagger is played only if player has less than half BP
    • Red stance causes stagger without BP restrictions 
    • Red stance attacks now break through perfect block
  • Deflecting a shot at close range will no longer allow Jedi a free swing (Insta-Swing)