• Wookiee/SBD slap no longer does damage to already knocked down players.
  • Wookiee Fury balancing:
    • Punches in fury now only do as much damage as a regular wookiee punch, but are still faster.
    • The amount of fury gained from killing while in fury has been halved.
  • Force focus is reduced to 1/3 of it's current focus level on each bp draining saber hit received.
  • smod removetempban can take an IP as an argument in place of a slot number.
  • The auto updater has been updated to improve the user experience and reliability.
  • Droideka Shield Level increased to 1000hp.
  • Fire Grenades now have an alt-fire attack. The detonation of a secondary fire grenade does not do immediate area damage as the primary does, and the flames it makes on the ground ramp up in damage from 0 to full over the course of their first 2 seconds of existence.


  • Panaka model added for open mode.
  • Rebel guerrilla model added for open mode.


  • Jabba
    • Fixed worldspawn (lack of music).
    • Updated siege file to fix some typos.
    • Updated objective screen layout image.

  • Republic Assault Cruiser
    • Added 15 more seconds on to the time it takes for the bridge door to open to prevent camping.
    • Added Crusher flag to the elevators near bridge. (Doors to prevent bugging, as well as elevator)
    • Fixed a minor visual bug.
    • Fixed shuttle getting blocked while exiting.
    • Fixed a triggers facing flag being pointed the wrong direction.
    • Fixed some bugged hinting.
    • Fixed getting stuck and not killed on falling debris.
    • Delayed a script activation to prevent max_gamestate_chars.
    • Reduced multiple file names to prevent max_gamestate_chars.
    • Reduced delay on elevators
    • Raised dmg needed for all destructibles inside the bridge.
    • Raised min_players near bridge from 6 to 8.
    • Allowed dekas to activate bridge side objective.
    • Elevator door to objective, and spawn change do not activate till bridge doors open.

  • Tatooine
    • Added Hinting.
    • Made Max Reebos clips more round and accurate.
    • Fixed a siege file typo.
    • Fixed being able to shoot through a part of the ship.
    • Fixed wookies and SBDs not being able to go through the new side route.
    • Updated minimap.
    • Updated objective images.
    • Updated objective screen layout image.

  • Theed
    • Added objective description.
    • Added areaportals to help with FPS.
    • VIS Stage update.
    • Removed spawnflags 2 on models, and clipped them normally.
    • Massive brushwork efficiency update.

  • DOTF
    • Broken FA

Bug Fixes:

  • The kata throw can no longer be used to teleport through thin walls.
  • Fire spots left from fire grenades can no longer burn through closed doors.
  • Melee blocking and using the flame thrower now correctly count as walking.
  • Detection of the master server being down has been fixed.
  • Weapons now correctly remember their weapon mode across weapon switches.
  • Tempban has been fixed.
  • Some melee kata breaks have been fixed.
  • An exploit that allowed arbitrary bans to be created by a remote attacker has been fixed.

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