• Saber trace passthroughs fixed.
  • Restore comboable bounces off of destructables.
  • ARCs may only shoot during special moves with Dex 3.
  • Fix missing textures and shaders in mb2_duel_ihod.
  • Fix missing textures and shaders in mb2_duel_rcbridge.
  • Enhanced mb2_jeditemple.
  • Double shot exploit fixed.
  • Eliminate the middle tier of enhanced effects.
  • Remove the Secret Apprentice model due to engine issues.
  • Allow the mbmode command to have a second argument that also switches the map.
  • Display the wrist-laser shot count.
  • Fix for "Out of G2 infoslots" error.
  • Kicks no longer hit a single entity more than once per move.
  • Disable various bad commands.
  • Add respawnWait key to mbch files. Allows custom respawn times in FA.
  • Allow Speed and Mind Trick even if you've lost your saber.
  • Fix for certain forms of server flood abuse.
  • Prevent sticking in the speed lunge landing animation.
  • Fix NPC hitboxes with modelscale
  • Allow saber shutoff during knockdown and other forced anim events.
  • Various other internal improvements

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