Here are a list of tools, tutorials, and references for what you need to create levels within Movie Battles II.


  • GTK Radiant
    • Included with GTK Radiant: EffectsED, BehavED, ShaderED2, ModView, MD3View, Assimilate
  • Text editing software such as Notepad++ for creating shaders, .siege files, Full Authentic Files, and .arena files.
  • Adobe Photoshop / GIMP or other photomanipulation software to create textures and minimaps.
  • Optional: Modeling software such as 3ds Max, Blender , Maya.



Unit Sizes

These are the sizes for units used in mapping. (All sizes are in map units)


  • Normal Player: 41
  • SBD (Remember these cant move while crouching): 49.2
  • Wookiee: 47.15
  • Droideka: 28.7


  • Normal Player: 65
  • SBD: 78
  • Wookiee: 74.75
  • Droideka: 45.5

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