Update Log

Version 1.0

  • Minor FPS improvements.
  • It is no longer required to manually close the ramp of the ship.

Version 0.1.2

  • Added Hinting.
  • Made Max Reebos clips more round and accurate.
  • Fixed a siege file typo.
  • Fixed being able to shoot through a part of the ship.
  • Fixed wookies and SBDs not being able to go through the new side route.
  • Updated minimap.
  • Updated objective images.
  • Updated objective screen layout image.

Version 0.1

  • Added New dotproduct2 terrain, featuring 1/4th the tris of the previous terrain increasing FPS
  • Added New emplaced gun in one of the buildings allowing you to fire on the central area.
  • Added New Rebel Transport model by Teelos
  • Added New side route for Rebels.
  • Added music to the Cantina
  • Added a lightgrid brush to centralize the lightgrid in the map and reduce data usage (increased load time and FPS)
  • Added a "facing" tag to a few triggers, so you must be looking at the target now.
  • Added a "radarteam" flag to the datapad, so that only rebels can see it on the minimap while moving.
  • Added new End Round cutscenes like those in Republic Cruiser. (Imperial cutscene coming in an update slightly after release)
  • Added Inside brushes, for those who want to modify the maps weather server side.
  • Added enhanced EFX to the smoke stack, removing the first level of effects. Improving FPS on lower end settings.
  • Updated VIS further boosting FPS and reducing portal count by over half.
  • Updated lighting setting - sunset.
  • Updated the Imperial Ship scripts to simplify and update them.
  • Corrected lighting contrast in many interior areas
  • Fixed OBJ ship window wall bug
  • Fixed multiple z-fighting spots
  • Fixed multiple texture miss-alignments
  • Fixed multiple surfaces lacking caulk
  • Fixed over 90% of current wall bugs
  • Fixed some imp spawns that were in a wall.
  • Fixed Rebel spawn doors (Now opens properly)
  • Fixed Rebel spawn stairs by adding clipping.
  • Fixed floating curtains.
  • Imperial side now features full 64 spawns (Fixes server crash)
  • Rebel side now features full 32 spawns (Fixes telefrags)
  • Removed water layer in the sky. (wtf?)
  • Removed some unseen floating brushes.

Version 0

  • Fix Tatooine Siege file errors

Release Candidate 3

  • Fixed multiple exploit locations.