Soldiers are weak individually, but their strength is in numbers.



Base HP

HP: 50

Weapons & Abilities


  • level 1 (free): Normal pistol
  • Level 2: Enables alt fire, which fires a two shot burst.


  • Level 1: Gives you E-11 blaster rifle with primary fire only.
  • Level 2: Adds a faster secondary fire.
  • Level 3: Makes secondary fire more accurate and increases the clip capacity.

Frag Grenade

Each level adds one frag grenade per life. Primaries bounce around and explode with massive damage, secondary frag grenades explode on impact and knock people to the floor while doing little damage.

  • Maximum: 1 per life.


  • Level 1: One additional life.
  • Level 2: Another additional life (for a total of 2).

Close Combat Training

Most soldiers receive only limited combat training and are pressed into service with standardized weaponry. Some soldiers, not quite elites, get a little more, bringing their skills up near to the more elite classes' level.

  • Level 1: Allows kicks.
  • Level 2: Allows grappling attacks.

Other Buyable Items

  • Light Armour
  • Ammo

Class Specials


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