An ancient order of Force-practitioners devoted to the dark side and determined to destroy the Jedi.

This class represents characters like Count Dooku, Darth Maul or Darth Vader.


Most of the powers work similarly to the base JKA powers, but there are subtle differences.


Right mouse button is now used for defense. Press it to increase your defense to both saber attacks and incoming blaster fire. However, when increasing your defense, you also reduce your movement rate... The block button can also defend against Force Powers' effects to a limited degree.

Defending against blaster fire drains your force points (FP). Defending against saber attacks drains your Blocking Points aka BP (represented by the Red bar on the right of the screen).

You can also defend against blaster fire while attacking if you have Saber Attack, Saber Defense, Force Seeing and Force Block at level 3. This is known as the Attack-Defense technique.

Weapons & Abilities

Fast Styles - Allows access to Blue, Cyan, or both.
    Level 1: Grants Blue style.
    Level 2: Replaces Blue with Cyan style.
    Level 3: Gives both Blue and Cyan style.

Medium Styles - Allows access to Yellow, Staff, Dual, or Staff/Dual and Yellow styles.
    Level 1: Grants Yellow style.
    Level 2: Replaces Yellow style with either Staff (white) or Dual (green) style. The choice between these two can be made by selecting saber hilts. Choosing dual sabers or two-handed saber will grant their respective styles.
    Level 3: Gives both Yellow and either Staff/Dual styles.

Strong Styles
    Level 1: Grants Red style.
    Level 2: Replaces Red style with Purple style.
    Level 3: Grants both Red and Purple style.

Saber Defense - Allows the Force user to defend against attacks.
    Level 0: Cannot block bodyhits nor gunfire by default. No BP regeneration. However, Perfect Blocking is still possible, as well as MBlock deflecting.
    Level 1: Can block gunfire and saber attacks in a medium-size defensive arc. Average BP regeneration and average overall FP drains.
    Level 2: Can Block gunfire and saber attacks in a large defensive arc. BP regeneration is high and overall FP drains are low.
    Level 3: FP drains for deflecting gunfire while swinging (called "swingblock deflecting", done by holding block and releasing attack while doing a swing) are now the same as for deflecting when simply blocking, as opposed to twice as high.

Saber Deflect - Allows user to deflect blaster fire with perfect accuracy by performing MBlock deflects using the same technique as MBlock disarming (tap attack while blocking, right before being hit by a blaster bolt; this has a cooldown of only 200 milliseconds and be tapped repetitively to make it work).
    Level 1: Shots cannot be deflect accurately when too close to the enemy gunner who has fired them. Performing a MBlock defflect (even in the air, without success) drains FP.
    Level 2: Same as level 1, but shots can now be deflected at close range, and the FP drain is lowered to a value of 3.
    Level 3: Same as level 2, but the FP drain is lowered to a value of 1.

Force Powers
    Force Jump
    Force Push
    Force Pull
    Force Sense

Force Block - Protects against the usage of Force Powers. However, after a certain amount of time, an enemy can use Force Focus to break through an opponent's force block.

    Level 1: Immunity against force powers while above 95 FP.
    Level 2: Immunity against force powers while above 80 FP.
    Level 3: Immunity against force powers while above 50 FP.

Dark force powers

Force Grip

  • Level 1: Grips the victim causing some damage and makes the victim unable to attack or defend. Victim can still move
  • Level 2: Lifts the victim into the air.
  • Level 3: Gives the ability to move the victim around.

Force Lightning

  • Level 1: Releases a quick beam of lightning causing minor damage and temporary paralysis.
  • Level 2: Gives the ability to do more than a short burst.
  • Level 3: Increases the damage arc and also gives access to Darth Sidious-style 2-handed lightning while in melee.

Class Specials

Special 1 (HOLD)

  • Saber throw.

Special 2 (TAP)

  • Saber melee.

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