As has been said before, we've been working on a patch for the current build. We decided to do a patch because RC4 still feels slightly distant since some further refinement is needed. Instead of the patch simply being a few bugfixes and balancing, we decided to throw in some additional flavour.

Soldier will be receiving concussion grenades. Throw it like any normal grenade, but the longer you hold it in your hand, the shorter the fuse will be. Careful, as they might explode in your hand! The explosion isn't as powerful as a regular frag grenade and as a Jedi or Sith you can shrug off some of the damage by blocking. You can have a maximum of two per life and they'll cost 15 points each.

ARCs now can become even more acrobatic. With dexterity 3 you will be able to wallrun and do a few flips off walls. This is extremely handy when used with dual pistols since you can do some cool surprising flip attacks out of cover and into the enemy's face.

Saberfights are now more clear and controllable. The ability of perfect blocking is again a lot easier. Perfect blocking means when you move your saber to the enemy's attack and block it. The bonus for this is 0 bp loss. This will bring some more skill elements back in to the duels. Manual blocking will have a boosted perfect block range.

The new Droideka is peeking out it's head. For now it's just the new model for added sex appeal, but I think it's safe to say you should be expecting some pretty fun additions in RC4.


  • ARCs now can wallrun with Dexterity 3.
  • The Saber vs Saber combat has been given more robust hit detection.
  • Manual Blocking now allows you to perfect block with better probability.
  • Soldiers can purchase Concussion Grenades. The moment you charge them, they become live.
  • Westar M5 rifle's scopeshots now do more damage.
  • Q3 blue stance now loses running speed for a short duration if you get shot while swinging.
  • Deflect 2 now costs 6 points, Deflect 3 costs 10 points.
  • Deflect 2 and 3 will be unable to deflect shots accurately when you're up close to the shooter.
  • New Droideka model.
  • Enclave, Deathstar, DOTF and Tatooine updated.
  • Younglings on Jeditemple have been nerfed.
  • Minimaps added. Check out Controls, MovieBattles to enable the big one.
  • Quick Throw 2 allows you to use secondary and primary nades now. While in melee press Weapon mode key to switch.
  • Added location to voice chat.
  • Jedis medidating recover Force Points (FP) faster.
  • Cortosis level 1 cost changed from 20 to 15 points.
  • Changed EE-3 points from 6 - 7 - 15 to 8-10-10.
  • Several bug fixes.

Noteworthy Fixes:

  • Grenades no longer fall through moving elevators.
  • Chat messages no longer disappear.