• Clones and arcs can now sprint with their rifles (stamina 2 will drain double points, stamina 3 will drain the normal points).
  • Saberists no longer have damage reduction vs rockets (direct hit). Splash damage has a lesser damage reduction.
  • Saberists general damage reduction has been lowered.
  • Cortosis takes less battery now (both levels) and Cortosis 2 shuts down the saber for a bit more time.
  • Higher FP drains for SBD and Droideka.
  • Higher FP drains for Q3 users while attacking.
  • Lowered blue stance damage for saberists with attack < 3.
  • Dodging while on scope now takes double dodge points.
  • Close Combat 2 now gives you Commander speed while in melee.
  • Assemble has the respawn bubble (cancels if you fire your weapon).
  • Small damage reduction for Wookiee head and chest.
  • Projectile rifle ammo capacity is now 8-16-25.
  • Deflect has been nerfed.
  • Campaign feature. Details here.
  • Deka discharge also repels nades now.
  • Changed ee3 damage from 30 to 28.