Changes from Release Candidate 2

Gameplay Additions/Changes

  • Nerfed Arc Rifle Grenade Launcher
  • Improved Arc Rifle scoped
  • Improved Cortosis 2
  • Disabled HP Drains to stop the resurrect bugs

Visual Changes

  • Added cg_drawHUD
  • Added RGB Crosshair


  • Fixed Yavin4 duel map
  • Fixed tatooine exploits
  • Small fixes in DeathStar
  • Small changes in Lunarbase FA
  • Small changes in Mygeeto FA

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the exploit where you use invalid abilities for your class.
  • Fixed Memory Leaks
  • Fixed FPS problems
  • Fixed the scoreboard
  • Fixed the AC not working with Windows XP 64 bits
  • Fixed problems related with crashing on the map loading
  • Misc. fixes in achievements

FA Additions

  • Added Disruptor 3

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