• New Jedi Enclave.
  • New Star Destroyer.
  • New Yavin Assault.
  • Added back Korriban (without crashes).
  • Improved dotf fps.
  • Improved Jabba rebel respawns.
  • Remade Tantive.
  • Fixed Jedi Temple.
  • Small changes on Lunarbase
  • Tweaked Jedi Temple FA's Younglings and Padawans.
  • Tweaked CommTower FA's Dia Passik and Elite Stormtrooper.
  • New Cloud City duel map.
  • New Dantooine duel map.
  • New Dune Sea duel map.
  • New Invisible Hand duel map.
  • New Ravager duel map.
  • New RCbridge duel map.
  • New Revan duel map.
  • New Starforge duel map.
  • New Tusken duel map.

New FA Features:

  • Shotgun.
  • Concussion Rifle.
  • Silver Bladed Lightsaber.
  • SBD Laser Cannon.
  • Deadly Sight.
  • Force Drain.
  • Force Heal.
  • Armor Regeneration.
  • Thermal Rockets.
  • Dual pistol level 3.


  • Improved saber system.
  • Improved cg_hudfiles 1.
  • Improved FP drains.
  • Nerfed Seeing level 1 and improved level 3.
  • Improved Secondaries nade knockback.
  • Reduced the effect of extendo saber.
  • Nerfed blue stance if you don't have Attack 3.
  • Added Super Push (Pull 3 successfully, then Push 3 within 1 second using Melee, to boost the power of Push on the one target).
  • Added Speed Punching(boosts the speed and strenght of melee punches while Force Speed is active)
  • Added command to drop the siege item (check the controls menu).
  • Added Deka discharge shockwave.
  • Added Remote detonation for pulse rockets.
  • SBD and Wookiee are now able to slap and move at the same time.
  • Disabled Hud for spectators.
  • Hopefully fixed fs_handle error.
  • Allowed melee Jedi/Sith to use the same getup moves saberists can use.
  • Applied falling damage to players who get landed on by another player. (And knockdowns too.)
  • Prevented T-21 Primary/Blob/Concussion Rifle Secondary from
    knocking down players immediately after they've been Pushed or Pulled.
  • Stamina 3 buffed.
  • Fixed: Simply having your jetpack turned on does not turn falling damage off anymore. Slow down before landing!
  • ACM is now lost twice as fast as it's gained.
  • Fixed split-second vulnerability of Dexterity when starting a Sprint.
  • Small optimizations in Open mode's loading times.
  • Fix for cloaking device not always working when it should.
  • Fix for Disruptor users shooting themselves.
  • Added smoking effects for Flamethrower.
  • Fixed some issues with NPC turrets shooting friendly vehicles.
  • Fixed sniper scopes stopping the rendering of fog when zoomed in.
  • Fixed broken Blue DFA movecommand from trying to trigger a nonexistent move/animation.
  • EWeb accuracy tweaked.
  • Fix for Use Current Forcepower key draining FP with Force Heal, without actually healing.
  • Disabled NPC pain animations when punched. Properly, this time. (No more punching saber-wielding Younglings to death.)
  • Changed Push/Pull to modify jetpack users' current velocity
    vector, rather than overriding with a completely new velocity vector.
  • Added cg_disableChatSound. Mutes the 'beep' noise whenever someone chats.
  • Removed ability of server owners to meddle with the behavior of Dodge.
  • Deka ammo regeneration coupled with Firepower level now, not Shield level any longer.
  • Allowed jumping while using Force Speed, if using non-saber weapons.
  • HP drains during lightsaber duels re-introduced, when BP is below 40%.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when NPCs were Pulled.
  • Fixed modelscale modifiers not being applied to Push/Pull.
  • Wrist laser now fires accurately.
  • Added water splash effects
  • Added red colour-coding for TK-related obituaries.
  • Added option for brighter grenade glows.
  • Fixed an issue with sv_fps FPS affecting the damage rates of: Flamethrower, Lightning, Deadly Sight, and Drain.
  • Added immunity to Flamethrower if target is submerged in liquid.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented the Flamethrower from being fired when standing in ankle-deep liquid.
  • Corrected an aim issue and added a pre-firing delay on Force Destruction. Also gave it a damage bonus against vehicles.
  • Gave Tavion(Cyan) and Desann(Magenta) saberstyles their own special moves: DFA for Tavion, Lunge for Desann.
  • Fixed several issues with Damage Reduction being on when it wasn't supposed to be.
  • Re-allowed melee kata breaks by the initiator, without requiring the kata to be successful first.
  • Added a dynamic crosshair for the EE-3 that expands as the EE-3's accuracy decreases.
  • Added cg_drawCrosshairNamesFadeTime which controls how long
    players' names linger onscreen after the crosshair is no longer over
    top them.
  • Balanced Deflect
  • Servers must have the mbii.pk3 (even Linux servers) or players won't be able to join

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