Boba Fett, armed with an EE-3 Carbine.

Mandalorians are members of an ancient race. Few survive to this day, many of those who do act as bounty hunters. 

Weapons and Abilities

Westar Pistols

A special brand of pistol unique to the Mandalorian class:

  • Level 1: An efficient pistol with a strong primary fire. Lacks secondary fire mode.
  • Level 2: Enables secondary firing. Secondary fire produces a stronger shot, whose strength is proportional to the length of time spent charging it.
  • Level 3: The player is issued with another pistol. Both pistols function the same as in level 2.

Keep in mind you can charge your pistols while using Wristblaster/Rocket.

EE-3 Carbine

A blaster-sniper hybrid weapon, effective at both roles.

  • Level 1: Issues the player with the basic EE-3 carbine.
  • Level 2: Provides the weapon with a scope addon, accessable through the secondary fire button.
  • Level 3: Unlocks the weapon's sniper mode, accessable through the toggle weapon mode button. Beware this mode drains lots of ammo per shot.


Unlike most blaster weapons, this weapon has a different accuracy system. The first two shots are always accurate, but after these two, the accuracy will greatly decline. The weapon in sniper mode is best used while crouching or standing still, but can be fired whilst running and flying. This weapon is best used in short 3-4 shot bursts at close range.

Other Buyable Items

A couple of mandalorians overcoming a jedi.===Fuel=== Required for use of the Mandalorian jetpack:

  • Level 1: Provides the player with a 1/3 tank of Fuel)
  • Level 2: Further tops up the fuel tank.
  • Level 3: Increases the fuel to the maximum level.

Note that fuel is also used in conjunction with the flamethrower gadget.


A useful gadget that is available to the Mandalorian class. It is most effective against Jedi:

  • Level 1: The player is armed with a wrist-mounted flamethrower.

Note that fuel is required to operate the flamethrower.

Wrist laser

This is a tool that can be purchased exclusively by the Mandalorian class, it provides a large FP drain:

  • Level 1: The player is issued with a wrist-mounted blaster weapon.

Note that to switch between the wrist laster and flamethrower, go into melee and press the toggle weapon mode button. Also note that wrist laser has 4 shots max, though slowly over time more shots will regenerate unless you shoot all 4 in a rapid succession. Excessive use of the wristblaster will cause it to malfunction and explode, to work around this problem, only use it sparingly rather than treating it like a rapid fire weapon


A popular weapon which provides the player with a one-use rocket attached to the Mandalorian's jetpack. Highly effective during divebomb attacks:

  • Level 1: Equips the player with a jetpack-mounted one-use rocket.


Mandalorians have one of the best sets of armour kit in the game:

  • Level 1: 100HP, 60AP
  • Level 2: 100HP, 80AP
  • Level 3: 100HP, 100AP


Ammo values determined for Westar pistol (level 3):

  • Level 1: Total ammo ~350
  • Level 2: Total ammo ~500
  • Level 3: Total ammo ~650

Ammo values determined for the EE-3 Carbine (level 3):

  • Level 1: Total ammo ~300
  • Level 2: Total ammo ~450
  • Level 3: Total ammo ~600

Class Specials

Special 1 (Tap)

Fires the player's jetpack-mounted rocket launcer. Requires the rocket addon to be purchased.

Special 2 (Hold/Tap)

Activates the player's wrist mounted weaponary. Either the flamethrower or the wrist laser, if neither is purchased then this button is unused. To toggle between the two, switch to melee and press 'change weapon mode' key. Try holding a charged blaster shot while flaming, for added effect.


Mandalorians can go airborne with their Jetpacks when they have enough fuel by holding 'jump' key or double tapping it.² Disabling the Jetpack is done with 'use' key. This speciality gives you advantage over your opponents, you can use it to hide in hard to reach places and use your EE-3 to snipe. This can also be your weakness, because your flight is easily manipulated (e.g. Jedi pushing you). Any knockdown caused mid-air (blobs, secondary nades, etc.) turns off Jetpack.

You cannot fly indefinitely however, after a set amount of time (several seconds) you Jetpack will turn itself off. You must also wait a short period of time between turning your Jetpack off and on, this cooldown time lasts about 3 seconds. Whilst in the air, if hit by a Clone trooper blob, then your Jetpack will deactivate, the same will happen if you are hit by a grenade.

² Beware! When trying to take off you may be pushed by a Jedi before the Jetpack activates.

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