Update Log

Version 1.1

  • Elevator in main hangar now matches speed of the one in the storage room.
  • The console in the storage room can now be hacked to open extra access to the main hangar.

Version 1.0

  • Added a couple ambient sounds.
  • Added a new route connecting middle of tunnel to the generator corridor.
  • Fixed a few issues that prevented players from seeing other players around corners.
  • Fixed darts (poison/trackers) not hitting their target through the gap at railings in main.
  • Fixed many surfaces not being caulked.
  • Fixed side door showing up as green (open) while it was closed.
  • Increased secondary objective hack time to 4 seconds.
  • Made some space in the vents to make it easier for wookiees to navigate through them.
  • Minor bugfixes/optimizations.
  • The R2 droid in the main hangar is now pushable.
  • Updated glass shader.

Version 0.1.7

  • Fixed a glitch where the pull effect from the windows would still play after the shutters had come down in some scenarios
  • Improved VIS

Version 0.1.6

  • Breaking windows will once again assign kills for players and teammates killed.

Version 0.1

  • Added no saberthrow flag to the breakable windows.
  • Added 6 more Rebel Spawns (32)
  • Added Electricity flag to lasers in the Generator room.
  • Added 1 second wait to the "Generator under attack" target_print
  • Fixed player clipping around both breakable windows, so that players can no longer get stuck on the border.
  • Fixed balcony brushes and caulked invisible sides.
  • Fixed spawnflags on target_speakers for the breakable windows
  • Fixed a door in side route and rebel spawn. (extra entity)
  • Fixed misc floating boxes & caulked the underside
  • Fixed overlapping brushes in skyportal
  • Fixed some misc areas lacking caulk (pillars)
  • Fixes brushwork around Rebel Spawn
  • Fixed misc sky brushes around the map.
  • Fixed some brushes around the map making them detail.
  • Fixed overlapping and z-fighting brushes around doorways
  • Fixed visible caulk in main. (Now has a texture)
  • Removed some duplicate brushes
  • Removed info_player_deathmatch entity
  • Removed unused Target_push entity
  • Clipped stairs in main

Version 0

  • Removed invisible box cover.
  • Updated vis stage.
  • Fixed clipping issues on the ship.

Release Candidate 3

  • Small changes in Lunarbase FA

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