Jedi Academy Movie Maker's Edition (jaMME) is an engine modification of Jedi Academy for moviemaking. It's a port of q3mme with most of its features and some new ones. Since September 2014 jaMME works with Movie Battles II.


  • demo playback control (pause, rewind, fast-forward)
  • free camera mode
  • chase camera mode
  • time speed animation
  • capturing motion blur
  • capturing output in stereo 3D
  • different output types: jpg, tga, png, avi
  • playing music on background to synchronize it with editing
  • saving depth of field mask
  • capturing with realistic depth of field
  • overriding players information: name, saber colours, hilts, team, model
  • recording audio to wav
  • replacing world textures with your own
  • replacing skybox with one solid colour (chroma key)
  • capturing in any resolution
  • off-screen capturing
  • capturing a list of demos
  • supporting mods: MBII, base (basejka, base_enhanced), ja+ (ja++), lugormod, makermod




Source code:


There are some Movie Battles II movies made with jaMME.

Star Wars MB-DOS - Frag movie-103:16

Star Wars MB-DOS - Frag movie-1

Star Frags The Mod Awakens-007:12

Star Frags The Mod Awakens-0

Star Wars Movie Battles II 60 FPS03:02

Star Wars Movie Battles II 60 FPS

UMad V2 Release Trailer06:21

UMad V2 Release Trailer

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