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The fragmentation grenade is a small, cheap grenade available to the SoldierElite TrooperHero, and Wookiee classes. It possesses two types of explosive functions: a powerful explosion, that produces knockdown and significant damage, and a smaller, less damaging explosion which will cause force drain and knockdown.

The grenade is versatile, in that it can be used to control enemy advances (primary fire) or it can be a hindrance to Jedi and Sith (secondary fire). The primary fire function of the frag grenade acts much like the Pulse Grenade of the ARC Trooper. Pressing and holding the primary fire key, while the grenade is selected, will result in the grenade being charged. The longer the frag grenade is charged, the greater the throwing range capability becomes. Once the grenade is launched, it only takes a few seconds to detonate.

Also, like the Thermal Detonator and Pulse Grenade, the primary fire function allows the explosive to bounce off of walls and other miscellaneous objects quite well; this ability offers a significant advantage to chucking grenades around corners.

Secondary fire allows the fragmentation grenade to act as a substantial anti-Jedi/Sith tool. Much like the primary fire of the frag grenade, charging of the secondary fire function will allow for greater throwing range; additionally, knockdown will occur in conjunction with the explosion. However, the damage caused is very minimal, the explosive detonates on impact, and the effect radius is significantly smaller. If the grenade is used on a Jedi or Sith, it will result in a fair amount of Force drain.

Each level adds one frag grenade

.Weapon Specification


  • Maximum: One per life.
  • Point Cost: 25

Elite Trooper

  • Maximum: Two per life.
  • Point Cost: 15


  • A maximum of two grenades are allowed.
  • Point Cost: 10


  • A maximum of three frag grenades are allowed.
  • Point Cost: 10