Imperial Elites of Tatooine


Rebel Elites of Hoth

Commanders/Elite Troopers are better trained and equipped infantry units. Unlike your average soldier, Commanders are highly ranked and experienced military units, instructed to lead the grunt troops in battle. Although less numerous than the squads of infantry following them, Commanders pack quite the arsenal of weaponry, ranging from heavy rifles to tactical explosives.

Weapons & Abilities


  • Allows the Commander to have Soldiers respawn nearby/assemble to them, and Soldiers who do so are granted an extra 20 HP and increased movement speed due to the Commander boosting their focus and morale.


  • Level 1: 20 Armour
  • Level 2: 30 Armour
  • Level 3:40 Armour


  • Level 1 (no cost): Normal pistol
  • Level 2: Enables alt charged fire.


  • Level 1: Gives you E-11 blaster rifle with primary fire only.
  • Level 2: Adds a faster secondary fire.
  • Level 3: Makes secondary fire more accurate and increases the clip capacity.

A280 (Rebel Elite only)

  • Level 1: A medium-powered high-velocity rifle.
  • Level 2: Adds a rapid-fire mode (Toggle with the Weapon Mode key.).
  • Level 3: Adds a scope on the alt-button.

T21 (Imperial Elite only)

  • Level 1: Very powerful primary firing mode.
  • Level 2: Adds a (faster) secondary firing mode.
  • Level 3: Increases clip size and slightly increases primary fire rate.

Sonic Grenades (Rebel Elite only)

Fire Grenades (Imperial Elite only)

Note: T21 Primary fire has a slight knockback, so firing while in mid-air will knock you to the ground.

=== Each level adds one frag grenade per life. Primaries bounce around and explode with massive damage, secondary frag grenades explode on impact and knock people to the floor while doing little damage===

Frag Grenade

  • Maximum: 2 per life.


  • Level 1: One additional life.


Allows the elite to dodge incoming shots from a certain range and while facing them.

  • Level 1: The elite is able to dodge shots while standing still.
  • Level 2: The elite is able to dodge shots while standing still, crouching or walking.

Other Buyable Items

  • Medium Armour
  • Ammo

Class Specials



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