The E-11 is a blaster rifle available to Hero Soldiers, Elite Troopers, and Heroes; and to Villain Soldiers, Commanders, and Bounty Hunters.

Initial Stats

Rank 1 costs 6 points, and features:

  • Below-average rate-of-fire
  • Average damage (28/shot)
  • Average projectile speed
  • Standard accuracy: Only accurate while stopped or moving slowly.

Upgrades (Costs)

Rank 2

Adds fast-fire secondary fire:

  • High rate-of-fire
  • Below-average damage (24/shot)
  • Slow projectile speed
  • Terrible accuracy: Never accurate.
  • High ammo drain (3/shot)

Rank 3

Increases clip size substantially, and makes secondary fire accurate while stopped or moving slowly.

Strategy Tips

  • The high rate-of-fire of secondary fire (especially combined with the Rank 3 accuracy) makes it reliable in many situations, but as your aim improves you may find the primary fire's higher shot speed and higher damage per-shot more valuable for headshots.
  • Primary fire is also more ammo-efficient for draining the FP of saberists.