Update Log

Version 1.2

  • Door from Federation to right corridor must now be hacked for 5 seconds unless side doors are opened.
  • FA updated.
  • Federation panel now only exists on the T-Junction side.
  • Increased health of Federation panel by 200hp.
  • Removed out of bounds trigger at top of balcony.
  • Unlocked left side corridor door on the throne side for both teams.
  • Visual fix for second door appearing after throne hack via balcony route.

Version 1.1

  • Added breakable panel to federation room which unlocks the main door and moves defender spawns outside of throne.
  • Added new balcony route to throne, accessed via the right corridor.
  • Attacker's initial spawn is now closer to the main corridor.
  • Changed layout of side routes to accommodate new throne location.
  • Defenders respawn outside of throne when sides are opened now.
  • Fixed an issue where rebels would respawn in hangar even after throne was unlocked.
  • Fixed many visual bugs.
  • Fixed throne door being stuck as closed in rare occasions.
  • Increased space on left side of main corridor's entrance (from attacker's side).
  • Increased width of main corridor's pillars and reduced height of pylons.
  • Made the triggers for the catwalk buttons slightly larger to make them easier to press.
  • Minor FA updates.
  • Moved right corridor's entrance to the federation room.
  • Reduced entity usage by replacing some things with scripts.
  • Removed some unnecessary brushes.
  • Shifted throne hall to the other side of T-Junction for better performance.
  • Slicing the generator console now reduces the use time of the primary objective in half (3 seconds).

Version 1.0

  • Droidekas can open the throne and fed room doors now.
  • FA: minor improvements.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to shoot through cover.
  • Fixed being able to stand on top of the tubes in gen.
  • Fixed sending the catwalk elevator down when it was coming up.
  • FPS improvements.
  • Minor siege file changes.
  • Minor visual fixes.

Version 0

  • Fixed visual map exploit near throne.
  • Fixed bugged clipping in throne allowing people to "Pounce" down on people
  • Fixed minor cosmetic bug

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