Soldiers can have up to 3 lives and a limited set of abilities, the primary gun of the game (E-11) and no secondary resources to choose from which makes them pretty good for starting out, the only problem you are likely to face is the low health which means you'll spend a lot of time dying.


Soldiers are the most basic units generally oriented around providing support and being cannon fodder. They can also specialize in wielding granades or being simple assault units.


Icon Melee
Icon Pistol1
Icon E11
Icon GrenadeConcussion
Icon GrenadeFrag

Buyable Abilities

Close Combat Training

Most soldiers receive only limited combat training and are pressed into service with standardized weaponry. Some soldiers, not quite elites, get a little more, bringing their skills up near to the more elite classes' level.

  • Level 1: Improves movespeed when Melee is equipped, and enables all Melee techniques. Without this perk, Soldiers can only punch.
  • Level 2: (FA Only). Improves movespeed when weapons are equipped.


  • Level 1: One additional life.
  • Level 2: Another additional life (for a total of 2).

Other Buyable Items


Armor is a universal buyable ability for all classes except the Super Battle Droid, Droideka, Wookiee, Jedi, and Sith. One armor point protects against damage better than one health point.

  • Level 1: 50 Armor
  • Level 2: 75 Armor
  • Level 3: 100 Armor


Ammunition or Ammo represents in Movie Battles the amount of presently available energy to fire a blaster weapon (e.g. E-11 Blaster Rifle) or bolts to fire the Projectile Rifle.

  • Level 1: Soldier has some ammo.
  • Level 2: Soldier has more ammo.
  • Level 3: Soldier has much ammo.

Frag Grenade

Each level adds one frag grenade per life. Primaries bounce around and explode with massive damage, secondary frag grenades explode on impact and knock people to the floor while doing little damage.

  • Maximum: 1 per life.


  • level 1 (free): Normal pistol
  • Level 2: Enables alt fire, which fires a charged shot.


  • Level 1: Gives you E-11 blaster rifle with primary fire only.
  • Level 2: Adds a faster secondary fire.
  • Level 3: Makes secondary fire more accurate and increases the clip capacity.

Class Specials

Special 1 - Assemble

If the Soldier dies with remaining reinforcements, and dies within range of an Elite Trooper or Commander with the Rally perk, the Soldier will respawn next to the Elite Trooper or Commander, and will be granted a boost to movespeed and HP when spawning.

Gameplay Tips

  • Soldiers are great at providing support and cover fire do not give your enemy any opportunity to take a breath.