Character files (with extension .mbch) are used by MovieBattles II for the Full Authentic gamemode.

They should be placed in the ext_data/mb2/character folder of your map pk3.

It's best to name them something unique so that there won't be any conflicts with the .mbch files from other maps, usually something to do with your map - for example, all of doomgiver's character files have the prefix "doom_".

Making your FA file

It's possibly best to use a different map's full authentic files as a template when you're getting started with .mbch files.

Also, remember that if you want to add a comment, just add two slashes (//[Comment here]).

Here is an example of a Full Authentic file (follow the links for options to find out more about them and the options available):

//Siege class def file.
       name			"doom_Kyle" //this should match the filename of the .mbch

       weapons			WP_BLASTER_PISTOL|WP_MELEE|WP_SABER //what weapons the class is carrying about

       attributes		MB_ATT_PISTOL,1//attributes are separated by "|" - if you do not specify a level, level 3 will be given

//if you do not specify a level, level 3 will be given

       saber1			kyle //this is the lightsaber hilt used by the class

       sabercolor		4 //lightsaber colour

       maxhealth		100

       maxarmor		0

       model			"kyle" //forces the model to this.

       skin			"default"	//forces the skin to this.

       uishader		"models/players/kyle/icon_default" //icon used in menu

       MBClass			MB_CLASS_JEDI

       classNumberLimit        1


description	"Kyle Katarn


Pistol (1)




Lightsaber Offense (2)

Lightsaber Defense (3)

Lightsaber Deflect (2)

Force Block (2)

Mindtrick (1)

Jump (1)

Kyle Katarn was a former Imperial trooper who became a Jedi Master and celebrated hero of the Rebellion and later the New Republic."

This is only a fairly simple FA file, using abilities and options available in Open.