Skilled and deadly mercenaries who know no loyalty other than the credit.

This class represents characters like Aurra Sing, Greedo or Bossk.


Aurra Sing

Weapons and Abilities==


  • Level 1: A standard pistol, nothing special about it.
  • Level 2: Enables alt charged fire.
  • Level 3: Gives a high-powered primary fire. Ammo consumption increases slightly.

The pistol is 100% accurate at all times, so you can even shoot deadly accurate shots while running.

E-11 Blaster rifle

  • Level 1: A standard blaster rifle, slow primary fire
  • Level 2: Adds a faster secondary fire.
  • Level 3: Makes secondary fire more accurate and increases the clip capacity.


  • Level 1: A medium-powered high-velocity rifle.
  • Level 2: Adds a rapid-fire mode (toggle with Weapon Mode key).
  • Level 3: Adds a scope on the alt-button.

Perfectly accurate only when standing still.

Projectile Rifle

  • A sniper weapon - cannot be upgraded. Has two scope levels on alt-fire and cannot be fired outside of scope.

Disruptor Rifle

  • Level 1: Weak unscoped shot and a weak scoped shot.
  • Level 2: Allows a charged shot whilst scoped. Can shoot through multiple targets.

Thermal Detonator

Disintegrates anything within its blast radius - use carefully!

  • Maximum: 1.

Poison Dart

Poison darts do a small amount of damage every second over a period of time. They also disable Force pool regeneration.

  • Maximum: 3.

Tracker Dart

Tracker darts allow you to track one or more targets through walls etc. Tracked targets will periodically flash pink. Comes in packs of 3.

  • Maximum: 2 packs. (6 darts in total)


  • Strong armour
  • Ammo

Class Specials

Special 1 (Tap)

  • In melee mode - shoot poison darts.

Special 2 (Tap)

  • In melee mode - shoot tracker darts.
  • With weapon in hand - melee kick.

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