A-280 was a blaster rifle used by the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil Wars.


A specialized long range Carbine often utilized by the Rebel Alliance. It's highly effective at piercing through armour and providing more power than other blaster rifles at long range.

Used By:

Rank 1

Unlocks Primary Fire: a basic shot that deals high damage for low ammo cost.

Rank 2

Improves Primary Fire: Grants walk accuracy and increases rate of fire.

Unlocks Toggle-Weapon: Can be toggled to deliver a burst of 5 shots in rapid succession using Primary Fire.

Rank 3

Unlocks Secondary Fire: Attaches a scope for long range combat.


The A280 has an extremely effective alt fire, strong enough to even rip limbs off people. However, due to the cooldown in between every firing it's important to time all your shots correctly.

Another quirk of the A280 is it's effectiveness in dealing with Sith. Since the alt fire can deal such a high amount of damage in such a short span of time, it's a great weapon for punishing any mistakes a Sith might make. For example, the window of vulnerability from using Force Push is more than enough to pop a barrage of shots at an enemy.